About Us

We started Last Light with the desire to craft archetype Pinot Noir wines that are expressive of cool climate sites from around the Central Coast. There are so many unique nooks and crannies of topography scattered in our backyard, and it’s these micro-climates that we seek out. Our name is inspired by the extreme vineyards that live so coastal that they grab the ‘last light’ before the sun sinks into the Pacific. It is these type of locations that Pinot Noir truly expresses itself, and these sites that drive our label. Truly a micro-producer, we craft around 250 – 400 cases annually.


You hear that great wines are made in the vineyard, and we will echo that statement. The fact that we do not own any vineyards allows us the opportunity to be very fastidious. Meticulous farming, low yields, and unique attributes are what drive our selections. Once the all-important decision to pick is made, the lots are assessed and winemaking protocol are decided upon at that time. Ferments usually have stem inclusion, are inoculated, and tend to have low oak and alcohol impact. We strive to stay minimal interventionists, while simultaneously addressing Mother Nature’s erratic tendencies. Chemistry is used to confirm our approach, but we rely on our palates for the most part.  These wines are all hand crafted and meant to be shared with friends and family...